Autum's Leaves
2005-12-31 11:05:29 (UTC)

Listen To Your Heart

I know it's been awhile, but I thought maybe I could
just jump right in. After all, there's two kinds of people
in the world, one who sticks their toe in the water to test
the temperature and ones who jump in.

While it's late to be changing names, the Ranger came to
see me today. He's still just as gorgeous in his own way,
still just as questionable, still just as lovable, still
just as great a fuck as ever. I actually...had an orgasm
today. WOW. That hasn't happened to me since before this
year started. WOW. He felt the same way. haha.

College kinda backfired on me, but we'll see how that
turns out later. As of late, I've been working my ass off
and partying what's left of it off. I've been drinking,
smoking and chillin more than any human being should and I
love it. But, reality is that school starts back soon and I
have to put that behind me.

It's one thing to think your good at sex, or head, or
eating someone out or anything like that, but it's another
to have those thoughs confirmed when you have someone BEG
you to get them off. I mean honestly, come on now. I love
guys to be in control and you're pleaing with me to get you
off? I was pretty mean about the whole situation, I will
say that. I gave him head for awhile...then stopped. And,
while I don't enjoy likening myself to drug pushers, it's
like giving someone a taste of really really really good
weed. That shit knaws on the back of your mind till you
just have to have some more. Well, that's me. haha.

Regardless, there's been a lot of firsts, throwing up
spinach artichoke dip, having my first psudeo threesome,
kissing two chicks...ionno man...things are going by a
little quick, but life's like that.

I will admit...I did miss him.

I do miss him.