My Ruined Reputation
2005-12-31 04:23:27 (UTC)

Flavor of the Week

Si senor, I had Scott xD It was on Tuesday night. I was
with Lisa and I was REALLY drunk. We got a bottle of Jack
from Sav-On and we went to KPFM to drink it and so we went
out the back and smoked a few cigarettes and drank some. I
guess I'm a lightweight because I got drunk after drinking
half the bottle. So, heh, in a way it works, because I get
drunk faster xD So anyways, we go and see Scott at work
and he's like dude you're fucking tanked, and I'm like ya
I know and he tells me to go over to his apartment later
that night, so I was like ok, just thinking we were gonna
hang out and watch TV or something. So me and Lisa went
back to Albertsons and apparently I got Subway but I
barely remember doing that at all. And then I ran into
Danielle, and I guess after that I got into Lisa's dad's
car and went to Lisa's house. And then I got really sick
and stuff and this time Lisa was the one who had to clean
up my puke...Not the other way around hahaha. I laugh. So
ya, after that's all over, and I'm sobering up, I remember
about Scott and I'm like...I'm gonna go to Scott's! Now
please realize that Lisa lives all the way over by the
high school and Scott lives on Alvarado...which is about
an hour's walk away. So I started walking...and
walking...and walking. So like about half an hour into the
walk I fall in a ditch and I fuck up my ankle, so the rest
of the way I'm limping like a wounded puppy, so that was
fun. Then I finally get to Scott's place. I honestly don't
know how I found his apartment, I really don't. But
somehow I did. So I go in and he's like aww I didn't think
you'd come! And somehow, we ended up making out and stuff.
And then we go on his...well...not bed...but mattress, and
we start doing stuff. OMG he's the BEST at foreplay.
Like...I have never had foreplay that good. And he gave me
a huge hickey...x.x So ya and then Isaac and Matt come
over for some reason and they brought some weed so we were
all chilling and smoking and then Lisa called and was all
my mom came in and asked where you were you need to get
back here. So I got Scott to give me a ride back on his
Vespa. When I get there Lisa's light is off so I tap on
the window and she comes out and unlockes the gate and I
TRY and climb in her window. It didn't work. It was too
high x.x And her mom heard me trying to get in and she
came in so i hopped down and she was all where's your
friend? to Lisa and Lisa said oh she's outside because she
felt sick, and so her mom jumped on the bed and looked out
the window, and I was like...Hello...And she was like omg
and she came and unlocked the door and I was telling her
that I had been feeling sick and that I just went out to
get some air because it was hot in the room and she's just
like...ok...Fine...Don't believe me. So ya, that was my
night. Pretty damn fun if you ask me xD

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