Amphigory by EtherealSanctity
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2005-12-28 06:33:43 (UTC)

wow i dont know i remember once..

wow i dont know
i remember once i said to someone "i wish i could just BE
bi, like with no complications, cuz that way everything
would be so much easier and there would be so much less
right now I could write a fucking novel about my crazy ass
life. ill start with people- issues and how they allll
relate to me-eachother

Steve. Basically everything that happened with him/morgan
him/me him/ashley ect ect got settled. I ended up with him
cuz I am a spoiled bitch and I always get what I fucking
want, which I hate, and we ended up having sex, which I am
starting to believe

Now Ashley- she's been my best friend for a while and
everything that happened with Steve over the last 6 months
just kinda fucked us up. We argue all the time. She is with
Steve all the time. not that I can complain really, since

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