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2005-12-26 21:09:25 (UTC)

the end of the year

it is Dec 26th

how things change. I have bought a house and now i am here
in this house alone with a new cat!

My ex didn't get married and the others i don't know what
their problem is but i just tried of fighting.

My bestfriend doesn't exisit anymore thank the lord that i
bend over backwards for someone and they turn things around
and make them the victim in all this maddness. This time
around i have figure it out when you blow your three chance
you are out no more going back and that is how i use to be
and am agian! Paula tells me she hates it when i get like
this. see what people don't understand is that if I don't
tell you what i am thinking about that is the worse time
for the so called victim. If i wasn't such a "good person"
cause everytime i was bad God made sure i got it back 100
times harder. In my right mind I would like to punch the
ass in the face and remove all the stuff he thinks he
deserve no pal this time it is all my!