Date With Destiny
2005-12-25 22:15:48 (UTC)

Quitnet Library

The Library

Because the posts are deleted from the clubs after 3
months, I decided to put a the library on Geocities. Not
everything has not been uploaded to the quitnetlibrary as
of yet, but this is a start. As I discover the actual
author and date of a particular article, I will add that.
I hope you enjoy. Valerie

I want to thank the person who started the library in the
clubs. I believe that it was Laurap414 but I am not
positive so if anyone has that answer, please let me know.

Thank you to the following people: nicless, windsong,
pepper38mint, csavage, leejay, all30, msdeenee, Gagnon,and
anyone else who provided information when I posted for

I'd especially like to thank those who wrote the post to
start with because with out them, there would be no
library to help others in their goal of quitting smoking.
Also, thank you to those who felt these posts were
important enough to repost.

Finally, thank you TerriGiunta for making an abc listing
of the items in the library. Valerie