Date With Destiny
2005-12-25 18:49:57 (UTC)

Major News Flash. Inspiration!!!!!!

From terriCA on 2/24/2004 12:40:07 PM

You know how they say that you never know when it will
hit, that blinding flash of inspiration that will keep you
Quit forever? You may read it in someones profile (hence
the need to keep up your profiles :o)). or maybe in a
post, anywhere....

Well I got mine yesterday. I have had my flash of
inspiration, and I can tell you it has all become clear.
It is quite amazing, and I am sharing that I have seen the
light. It may sound hokey, it may sound strange. I dont
care. If it helps one other person it is worth it.

Yesterday in my club Ionronwrote wrote a response to
someone that had lost their Quit unfortunately. It was a
nice encouraging response, but the one sentence that did
it for me is as follows:

"There is no try, only do or not do"

It is as simple and as hard as that. I choose to do. I am
no longer a smoker, and I choose to DO. You cant imagine
how liberated I feel today. I dont have to smoke ever
again. I will DO, not try. I have stopped trying because I
am only going to DO from now on.

Oh I know I will still have blue times when my old mantra
of No Matter What, or ANything short of a felony except
smoke will come into play. But in reality that is all
there is. Do or not Do.

So my new goddess of the Quit Ionronwrote, please accept
my gratitude on this day. I am doing from now on. Not
trying. Oh and I hope you dont mind me posting this,
although its a little late if you do, but I really really
needed to share your wisdom.


147 days