Date With Destiny
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2005-12-25 18:47:57 (UTC)

From toastie325 on 2/24/2004 10:57:51 AM

I think I want a cigarette. Lets dissect this sentence.

Starting with I think. So why do I think I want one. When
I ponder this I realize that I need to think about
something that will make me uncomfortable. Or rather I AM
thinking about something that IS making me uncomfortable.
So thinking I want a cigarette is really hiding from my
uncomfortable feelings. So now I know first that what I am
doing is avoiding a feeling.

Let's continue I want a cigarette. I don't need a
cigarette, no one ever NEEDS a cigarette, we want them.
But is it really a cigarette I want, clearly I want
something. What I really want is to stop feeling
uncomfortable. And somehow in my twisted addicted mind I
have confused my wants. I substitute the cigarette for the
underlying want.

So what the sentence should be is I am feeling
uncomfortable and want to stop feeling that way.

Next time you think you want a cigarette, try this little
exercise to find out what it is that's really going on. By
the end you should have a new sentence, and hopefully a
new solution.

Day 707