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2005-12-25 18:37:38 (UTC)

Merry Christmas!

all i want for christmas is you,Kurtis! and thank you santa
(sara) for him! he is supporting and sweet and he listens
and actually cares and has feelings! wow. we had christmas
last nite with my family and it was really good i got
everything i wanted. a gogear mp3player and shoe orginizer
and a jerlery box and make up orginizer and 9 sox. and
earings and kirra cologne it was good. were jus all kinda
hanging out here around the house. not much
and i leave for floida tomorrow nite! im sooooo excited i
jus pray to GOD that amanda doesnt ruin it. im sure she
wont but its gonna be weird as fuck sleeping with her in
the same room. i mean ill admit i miss her. but we could
never go back to how we were be 4 i jus want to hug her
and tell her truce we have been very evil to eachother
latly. and its wearin me out! so lord if you hear me send
me like 20 angles to help us out!

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