DayDream Believer
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2005-12-25 15:39:53 (UTC)

Heaven on earth

I did something last night, I had it prepared for a few
days. Id figure since they only benn tougether for six
months, S* and girl with silly shoes will most likely spend
Christmas separated. So I got really prepared and sent him a
message, if he answerd I would invite him over, but he did
not answer.
Christmas was all right, just us girls. I got a few silly
presants, Tommy could not even get my gift in time, so I
only got half a gift and an evolope saying what the rest of
the gift who was sold out is. Cant belive hes doing this to
me agen, Christmas is the same date every year and stil he
could not make it on time..

Im having a bad day, not because of S* did not answer,
bacause of everything. I think I`ll skip the familyparty
tomorrow, I dodnt think I can stand 5-7 hours walking around
listneing to uncle and aunts saying how wonderfull and
faboulus it is that Karoline is studying offshore. Its like
oil and gass and sea and overpaid lacy people is everything
that matters in this would. And what does not matter at all
is psycology. They are not even sure what Im doing, just
that its something with psycology and not oil, even though
people have given me credidt, and said there is a lot of
good things in my, like this sensor wrote, and thats not
normal Im the familys black sheep for not loving
I love my sister, and I do like my family, but I allready
had two nights with this lately and I can not stand a

Im not cut out for mathematics or oil, I dont even like
organisation or administration psycology!

Its nice to have some time off and relax, for once my mother
let us sleep really long. I had read some books that I didnt
have time for normally, really good books.
Usally I read a lot of schoolmaterial and fashionmagazines
when I relax, or I watch tv. But in holidays I always read
things that are harder to read, but not educational. I like
reading and home my eyes will last so I can do it when Im
old aswell.
A lot of relatives in my family have trubel with thir eyes
when they get 70-80-90 years. 90 years, imagine , all the
nationaldays, birthdays and christmases, and not forget all
the Sundays and Mondays you have had. I really underatand
why old people say they are tired of life. Sometimes I get
tired aswell. Mybe not from life as much as from what
happends in it.

My mother wants us to get really invololved with our father.
I dont want that and thinks its everyones right to decide. I
cant hate him, or want bad things for him, I tryed, but Im
to nice. I just wanna say hi and hello sometimes, I dont
want to see him ofthen. My mother forced us to go and see
him yesterday and the first thing I though of when I left
was fine, now I dont have to see him agen for a long time I
hope. I cant forget or forgive what hes done to us. Its less
than a year since we had to call the police the last time.