My Ruined Reputation
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2005-12-25 01:59:54 (UTC)

Love is but a Lie

Do you think it's right to say you love someone and then
go to someone else not even 2 weeks later? I don't really
think it is. I know I'm going to sound selfish, but this
is exactly what Sean has done. I hate him and that fucking
TJ girl! I fucking hate them! I tell him I want to take a
break, and then he asks if it's permanent and I told him
no. NO! Is that somehow not clear? To me, that means that
I DO plan on getting back with him. And then he goes and
gets with this TJ slut. I hope he's glad that he broke my
heart. I really do. Right now I can't even think I'm so
upset...I know I said I didn't LIKE him very much, but
that doesn't mean I don't LOVE him. That just shows how
much he fucking loved me.