down in my eyes
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2005-12-24 22:42:00 (UTC)

boy does he go away.

My god. I can't hardly believe how long its really
been since i've been on here.
& Ahh... still feels like home.

I've finally been feeling better these last couple of
days. & i deserve it! After going through that cold
that's been Torturing me these last few weeks. & at
last! these 12hr work shifts are subsiding..
back to 8hrs.

On another note, i still haven't heard from zac. It's
When he disappears, boy, does he go away.

MY 23rd birthday is coming up, on thee 30th. One of
many wonderful elements of December, isn't it Jesica?-
(i love you:) & happy birthday to my roomate, Chris,
who's twenty fifth birthday just passed. & i'm not
just saying that cuz he Literally kissed my ass the
other night. Really, now.

Kevin Wright.
Why did he have to encourage for us to put together
something he knew he'd soon break apart? Why do i let
my feelings consume me, completely? I know better
than this, than to make these mistakes. Still, i need
to wash away the deception he built before me, as well as other aspects of him.
That wrench.

Be still my heart. Merry christmas to all.
& to all, a goodnight.