breaking away
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2005-12-24 04:27:03 (UTC)

I am here.. in the place of doom...

wel I have moved and it is something that I am not very
happy about at all.. I met these new girls around my age
and they are kool and all... I slept over at there house
last night and stuff.. I had alot of fun.. but they are
differet than what my friends are.. like gabby and
mayery.. they are just like different and sometimes I dont
think that I could ever fit into there life style.. they
hang out with popular people and well.. I dunno it is just
all different than what I am used to.. I guess I have to
meet the band people.. I need to... lol.. to see where I
will be standing in that band and if they will like me..
but I dunno I miss everyone right now... ugh.. yea.. but
whatever.. this is something that I have known for a long
time and now I have to go through it.. but
yea...whatever.. and whatever to u too louie!!! DAMN IT!!!
I tried.. so no.. I guess u judt didnt care..BYE!!