Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
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2005-12-24 02:37:18 (UTC)

First Doc appt

I will NEVER forget my first doctor appt I didnt allow my
mom to go cause i was still mad at her for all the shit she
was trying to put me through. I went to the doctor and had
to fill out a bunch of paper work. And then they made me
take another test and said that they would schedual and
ultrasound to find out exactly how far i was. Then they
asked me if i wanted to hear the heartbeat. Me thinking it
would be no big deal said umm ok. So i layed down on the
table and they rubbed that machine thingy all around on my
belly till i heard a fast BUMP BUMP BUMP. My heart almost
stopped i started crying and overwhelmed with emotions. It
was the most bueatiful sound i had ever heard in my
lifetime. My childs heartbeat. It was like reality slapped
me in the face i was going to be a mother at the age of 16!

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