Nick's Journal
2005-12-22 03:44:30 (UTC)

Two Blows for Religion

after having watched the latest south park on alcoholics
anonymouse meetings and having read the 140 page opinion
concerning the latest intelligent design verdict, i have to
feel that two huge blows against the organized religion of
catholicism (on the surface) have definetly hammered down.
first of all is intelligent design. it is one of those
moronic things that have always kind of wisped into the eyes
of those that were smart enough to deal with it, like some
annoying gnat that you knew you should just kill but then
you thought of how much effort it would take to actually
kill it. well thankfully someone took that effort and laid
the smack down. this isn't really an issue of right or
wrong it's simply the fact that the stupid shit was wiped
off the table. the only argument i have ever seen "hold up"
for intelligent design was the idiotic notion of,
"an argument for the sake of argument."
essentially, you can't disprove it and you can't prove
certain scientific things, so why not admit it into
academia? i mean isn't the point of science the exploration
of potentialities? of theories? why be afraid of an argument?
well along those lines you can admit any form of argument,
most notably the guy who invented the "spaghetti monster"
theory. the sake of argument for argument is stupid and
doesn't actually serve any merit when you critique the
argument itself.
fuck intelligent design.
then there is AA, good old south park called it out (not the
first to, by any means) as some religious bullshit. i
remember my first encounter with AA was when i had to take a
damn defensive driving course when i kicked my volvo station
wagon to about 97 mph. i had to sit in with all these guys
who apparently had gotten DUIs and had to go to AA as well.
well the fuck at the defensive driving course was a devout
christian and spent the majority of his time remind the poor
saps that they were out of control and had no power.
how they should abstain from alcohol and render themselves
jesus christ.
you see the problem with people who quit a drug is that they
abstain from it. that's ridiculous, that puts into play
your willpower and you are all of a sudden in a fight whith
your own mind. your mind has forbidden you something and
when you actually succumb to it you feel defeated. that is
why total and utter abstanation and renunciation are horrid.
because they will make you feel like a loser if you don't
render yourself completely helpless, and only along the
lines of proffering yourself to a higher entity can you
truly relinquish your own willpower and succeed.
that's the beauty of religion. bask in original sin,
realize that your only redemption is your sacrifice to a
religious right of way and you're fine. lose your
superficial battle of wills with yourself and you are lost
south park once again put it in such a great way. the key
to overcoming anything and living life is to inact
discipline. why do people turn to buddhism? because they
lack the discipline to moderately enjoy themselves, or
rather are afraid of the temptations that lie beyond
moderate enjoyment. but you never live life if you don't
revel in the trials and tribulations, surely you may be
caught in a web of addiction, but the fact remains that a
debilitating illness is something that which cause was not
of your own volition. (i.e. cancer, AIDS, even though you
can contract it the actual onset is not at your own volitoin
and not of your control). you don't suffer at the hands of
an unbeknownst malevolent entity ever, at the worst you
suffer at the "slings of misfortune", but only when you bear
your arms agains them do you really know what type of person
you are.
from south park to shakespeare.