Nick's Journal
2005-12-22 02:57:54 (UTC)

I need a pen and paper

there are so many things i wish to write down for my journal
entries. there are so many things that happen to me during
the day, yet i can never seem to remember them when i login.
alas the second this black and white screen springs upon me
i am at a loss for words.
if only i had a pen and paper with me every where i went i
could possibly write down my great explorations in the land
of the mundane. you see the things is, things happen to me
that most people wouldn't believe, and i still try to write
them down.
but it's not the things that have happened to me that i wish
to record, but rather my reactions and thoughts to them.
anyone can lead an extraordinary life if they just record
what they observe, but what really makes someone unique is
their ability to interpret. isn't that what sets us apart
from the monkeys? in walmart?
there are fragments of things that have happened to me today
that i can piece together. today was an ordinary day
really. my office had a christmas party (even though 90% of
the firm is idea by the way!) which went pretty
we did that stupid shit where you draw a number and number 1
opens a present and # 2 can either take that present or open
his own. it went great, as everyone just got into it. we
were shittin' breaks and laughing as people desperately
clamored onto their gifts as if they were some valhalla of
"i want the warming foot massager!"
"but you have the soothing melodic fountain!"
"i need the damn warming foot massager!"
"you can get a different present!"
"i want the warming foot massager!!!"
felice navida. or whateva!
today i didn't do much other than talk to my boss about
buying one of those air bazookas to use on the fedex guy and
eat fajitas. i came home and watched my southpark episode,
which was about AA and it was great! and here i am typing
my journal entry and downloading the best movie ever,
mos def.
i have all of my x-mas gifts bought (i believe) so
commercialism can pass me by. and tomorrow i travel to the
land of 1,000 lakes (montana).
my nuts will clink together but that's alright. i'm ready.