Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2005-12-21 16:03:34 (UTC)

there are days when I am so..

there are days when I am so lonely, even in a crowd,
even, in a house with 5 roommates, that I feel, almost
as if I am deserted island, and everyone else are
mere winds or wisps of dreamlike... nothing..

so, here I sit. alone, but not necessarilly lonely.
although I would quite enjoy a soft touch by a
woman.. even just holding my arm, my hand.. anything
I think would be enough..

anyone who contemplates being alone, or while alone
is often surprised and doesn't know what to do when
they're not alone that they don't recognise the good
that is around them.. so they languish in the pain..

I feel alone. I am not alone. I am lonely, the shock of it
is the prison of which I have guilded myself, and shackled
my own limbs and have succumbed to listless ambition.

I am so moving come march... westward.. or montreal..

something must be done...

Amor est vitae essentia

there is something deliciously languid about flinging
onself into the arms of a beautiful woman, and resting
in her arms until sleep claims you at the zenith of the
rising sun after a long night of tumultous passion...

legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus...

if nothing else, I have learned that I should mearly accept
what I am, who I am, and move along down the dark path to
which I have been so accustomed to since I was a mere lad
of six when the first impulse hit, and I was hooked...

lege et lacrima...

i am torn. i am cracked at the seams. i am a shattering
mirror. i am full of lust, glorious love and enraged
desire unfettered.

lupus in fabula...

play with me, just a little... careful you aren't bruised,
much.. i like to bite, but I'll be merciful, I'll allow
you to thrive, moan with the pleasures of my touch...

lux et umbra, sed semper amor

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