breaking away
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2005-12-20 19:18:35 (UTC)

The sleep over.... taking it one day at a time

well yesterday was friends day.. it was so juch fun I was
with the poeple I love the most... the click 5.. seleni and
rebeca:) we went to see Pride and prejudice.. it wzs an ok
movie but we always got in trouble cause these old people
were like SHH!! all loud and shit... so yea.. it was cool...
after wards we went to the mall and chilled for a little
while, and then ate at olive garden.. so yea.. those bitches
told the guy it was my birthday... and it wasnt.. LOL!..I
was like:O:O:O!! ahaha super funny! ahh I love them :) well
then mayery, rebeca, gabby, and seleni slept over and it was
a blast.. we watched a walk to remeber.. well sort of we
were talking for most of it though... damn mayery read me a
letter she wrote me and she made me cry like tonz.. it was
so nice of her to do that for me.. :) but after all of that
we watched hide and seek.. wellI kinda fell asleep hehehe...
and then around like freakin 2:30 in the moring louie came
over so that I could give him his gift because I didnt know
when the next time I would see him.. caue I knew that he had
wrok and mayery called him to see if he could drop by so
that I could give him the gift.. U gave him this action
figure thing from X-men.. and the one he liked alot was this
Emo robot that was from a movie that we say.. super cute
dude! lol yea he liked it alot.. :) well he later then went
home and we started to watch edward sicissor hands.. but
no.. we were so tierd.. mayery and seleni slept down stairs
on the counch while gabby, beca, and I went to my bed and
crammed eachotehr in it to sleep... it wasnt to bad just the
fact that I thought I was going to fall off the ed at
certain point of the night.. all in all it was a wonderful
time and I was glad that they came over and stuff I love
them so much and there would be no way on earth to forget
them or replace them... I only have 72 hrs here left... I am
alittle :(.. but I know I can get throguh it in the end.. I
just have to take it one day at a time...

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