The Up's and Down's
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2005-12-19 08:59:49 (UTC)

Un-Cry These Tears

The memories of never being good enough are still within
me. The heartache I thought I was
over has reoccured so freshly.

Tears of the hurt caused by those who have impacted my
life run down my cheek,
I taste them, their definition is bleek.

I thought maybe I'd invest my love one last time, see if
you had love's potential shine.

Now my face is red with blame, I'm the only one put to

I knew of the consequences of what I had to give, so I can
do nothing but forgive.

I knew you loved her...

I went outside of the box and let my heart win over mind,
and now I'm stuck because I
care so much for you and I'm afraid your feeling will fade

I miss you when we go a day without talking, you run my
mind when I'm walking.

Why did I care so much when I knew I'd hurt when the truth
came out? Why did I cry
when I found out?

I hope nothing changes but I know they will, even if they
do, I'll care still.