My Ruined Reputation
2005-12-18 21:28:21 (UTC)

Like a Drug Lift Me Up To the Stars

This weekend has been really fun. Even though I haven't
done anything too interesting. (My weekend started on
Friday since I didn't go to school) So on Friday night I
went to the mall with Joey. It was really fun. We went
into the arcade and Stripez(my gay friend) was there and I
hadn't seen him in forever so it was simply awesome! So I
ran up to him and he gave me like the biggest hug EVER!
And then me and Joey went Christmas shopping and I bought
this thingy for my step-grandma, so I think she'll like
it. Well she better anyways lol. So then me and Joey got
really bored of the mall and we went and drove around the
parking lot(it's a biiiig parking lot, like with lots of
stores separate from the mall and everything) So we got
bored of driving around and we pulled into a parking space
and sat and talked for a while. It was actually really
kool because I got to know him a lot better and
everything. He has to be one of the most fun people to
hang out with. So ya, he was talking about how he didn't
have many friends because they were all dicks and stuff,
and he was getting all emo and stuff, so I gave him a hug.
But that didn't really work because we were in the front,
so we switched to the back and we hugged for a long time,
kinda cuddling, but not. I wanted to cheer him up, so I
started poking him(he's a really playful person, so I knew
he would retaliate) and we started having a play fight,
like poking and slapping each other and it was really fun
because we were both just laughing and having a good time.
And it was just as friends, so it was kool. We haven't
really hung out like that since we went out, so I was glad
that we got to spend some time together. There was no
tension at all. So after we got tired of play fighting, we
just sat there and I was kinda laying on him and he had
his arms around me. It wasn't like cuddling like boyfriend
and girlfriend, but it was just 2 friends. Not a lot of
people can do that. They get all paranoid and freaked out.
So then he said he was hungry so we went to Jack in the
Box and he got a burger and he bought me a shake(I'm not
sure why he bought it for me, I had more money than him)
And then we went back to the mall and he played DDR for a
little and I hung out with Stripez outside and it was
really cold, so he hugged me to make me warm and stuff and
it was fun xD SO then Joey had to take me home and stuff,
so I got home and stuff and I went to bed.

Then on Saturday(yesterday) I went to see King Kong with
Jasmine(not MY Jasmine, the one that had cancer) and it
was a really good movie xD So ya, then I came home and I
had to go to work. It sucked. I worked for like 5 hours
and I got home and I was really tired. Then I went to bed.
lol...that was my Saturday. Nothing much happened, but I
still had fun.

And then today...Well...It's only 1:30, but I want to hang
out with Jasmin(my Jasmin...The other Jasmine is spelled
with an E at the end. My Jasmin has no E) So ya, that's my


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