The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-12-18 19:38:54 (UTC)

Bored as hell!

Dear Diary

Hi there. I'm bored. lol. I'm sitting here at about 2:00 in
the afternoon and everyone is still in bed but me. Hmm and
they bitched at me for sleeping all damn day. Oh well. Their
problem. Not mine. The house is a wreck and everything's
turned upside down. Mom was in a bad mood yesterday and dad
is sick. I constitute this as hell. Don't you? Yup yup

So, I'm hungry but I'm trying to keep busy. I really wanna
lose some of this weight before New Years. I wanna suprise
Cody. Then when I get back to school...I wanna be all
skinny. Sounds hella good to me. I don't know what size of
weight I wanna be but, I'll get there. I'll figure it out
once I get there and I'll know that I"m happy.

I'm really missin' Cody. We both have no clue what to talk
about on the phone and so it makes convorstation difficult.
It's only two week though. We can make it work. We have to!
I dont' wanna say I love him cause I'm still not sure but, I
know I REALLY like him and care about him. I don't know how
to describe how I fell about him. hmm I think I wrote an
entry on this a few day/weeks back. lol. Nothing's changed.
Still don't know how to say it. LOL!

I"m getting addcited to Myspace. I just redid my profile and
all that shit. lol. Oh I really should go on studentcenter
and print off the rest of my diary. It might help. lol. Ya
think? I think I'm gonna start ot print you off when I get
back to school in January. I just hope this damn site
doesn't go down before I get the chance. That would suck
ASS!!!! lol

Well, I"m rambling now and I really dont' know what to talk
about. I need to get off ehre and put the blanket that Cody
made me up before Aiden and Al get out of bed. I'll write
back when I feel like it. Probably in a few days.

Love ya lots