beautifuly broken
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2005-12-17 06:33:31 (UTC)

my EvErYtHiNg!!

its the holiday season everyone and im begining to get
real depressed...everyones hooking up except me...yea ive
been asked out but no one compares to him i love him like
no other and no one can ever replace him he is my ultimate
drug...yea did i mention i quit smoking and ive moved on
to a better way of life...i realized it wasnt getting me
anywhere and it was extremly unhealthy...but anyways i
love his kid ya c...n ive loved him 4 a long time
now...and um im not sure if he loves me back and ya kno it
hurts when i see that he loves other girls knowing i was
once in their shoes loving him too and just knowing he was
there to be there and he was there for me and he was just
mine...no one elses just mine...i love him more then life
itself and nothing will EVER change that no matter what i
love him his name happens 2 b brandon the only one that i
have been writing about in this diary for over the past
year he is my everything he makes me smile even when im at
my lowest and feeling down and just plain old feeling
shitty and not knowing why I LOVE THIS BOY AND WANT HIM TO
KNOW THAT I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM he is my everything even
if im nothing to him...i just hope heloves me 2
xox 3 nemo aka rach

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