My Ruined Reputation
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2005-12-16 21:49:08 (UTC)

Over And Done With

Well, I finally did it. I broke up with Sean. I feel so
much better now. Being single is actually pretty fun. I've
missed it. 8 months...*dies* I feel really bad for Sean
though. And he won't fucking leave me alone. Today alone
he's called 5 times. And it's only like noon. If we talk
on the phone and I have to go, before I hang up he'll
still say "I love you" and so I'm put in a bad situation
and I kinda have to say it back. So, it kinda sucks.

But ya, anyways, today is the start of Xmas break, so I'm
happy! My mom let me take today off since we weren't
really don't anything in class. The only thing I'm gonna
miss out on today is talking to Zeb. And he's not
answering his damn phone x.x I was supposed to go to the
mall with Matt today and meet Zeb there, but Matt has to
work and Zeb isn't answering his phone, so I can't ask him
to take me there. So it kinda sucks. I really like both
Zeb and Matt. Matt more so though. I know he likes me back
too, but I just don't want a relationship right now, and
neither does he, so we're both in agreement about that.

AAAAND! Yesterday I got my 8ball! *is happy* I did some at
break and lunch with Zeb. OMG it was so fun. I did a whole
bunch yesterday and a couple lines just like an hour ago.
Good shit, good shit...Must save some for Matt though.