Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-12-16 18:40:29 (UTC)

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Dearest Master,

this slave knows it has been too long since she has written
in her journal. You have been sweet, and have said nothing,
but this slave knows that You have missed her entries. she
has the next two weeks off from school, so she will try to
make up for some lost time.

Things are in a state of uncertainty right now. W/we are
struggling to maintain the things that are important, but
life , with its hideous sense of humor and timing, keeps
interrupting O/our plans. W/we are strong, and W/we will
persevere and survive, but sometimes the fight is
overwhelming. W/we B/both know that O/our life is not a bad
one, in fact it is better than most, but W/we are struggling
right now, and this slave knows that the struggle is going
to continue for quite some time. she believes in You,
though, and she knows that the decisions You make are never
made lightly, and without contemplative prayer and
meditation. this slave trusts You and Your decision making
abilities. There are times when her fears overwhelm her and
make her say things she regrets and act in ways that she
shouldn't. she is sorry for these times, but she loves You
and trusts You, and in the end, she knows that Your
decisions are correct and for the best. The decision You
make today is an important one. Possibly one of the most
important of O/our lives. But no matter what the choice,
this slave knows it will be for the best.

The kids are up, and they are hungry. this slave should
probably sign off for now. she is so looking forward to
tonight, and hopes that all will work out as planned. this
slave misses O/our times T/together, and relishes and enjoys
each moment W/we are able to come T/together.

Take care of Your self, Master, and come home to this slave

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,


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