The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-12-16 02:48:37 (UTC)

Home again

Dear Diary

I'm home again. Yup. Got home about and hour ago. Yay. I
hope this break goes better than the last. I hope I hope.

Cody is doing great! He gave me my Christmas presetn last
Tuesday. Oh my god it was so sweet. He made me a blanket.
It's so fuzzy and warm. He also gave me some perfume stuffs.
God I love it. We're doing so well. We had a wonderful talk
last night. Tricia and Randy broke up for a few hours and we
talked and things seem wonderful. I had fears when I found
out they broke up but, he put them to rest. It was great. I
spent like 5 nights in row with him. LOL! I'm so tired now.
I need to get osme sleep tonight but, I'm waiting up on his
call when he gets home. Yay! I can't wait till New Years and
can see him again. I'm counting the days!!!!

So, yeah Tricia and Randy broke up las tnigth but, they back
together. I think Randy is so slow to be back with her. I
can't believe it. He needs to just let her alone. She
doesn't care about him. It's so obvious. She really pissed
me off last night but, that a really long story and I would
prefer not to get into it. It would be a lot of typing.

so yeah. I really am not in a typing mood. I think I'm gonna
go for now. I'll write back when I have something to write
about. see ya

Love ya lots

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