...Mon Couer Bat Pour Tu...
2005-12-15 05:29:10 (UTC)

Feeding an insatiable hunger; I have an appetite for pain.

How many entries have I started off with the
word "sometimes" or "something"? I bet a lot. In fact, I'm
almost sure of that.

I don't want to come off as someone who's bitching and
moaning, but dear god I am sick of all of these questions.
So here are the answers.

~Is is true you were bulemic?
Yes, two (going on three) years ago. I battle it even now.

~How long have you been suicidal?
The earliest memory I have of wanting to die (in general),
I was five years old. The first time I wanted to take my
own life, I was eleven.

~What's your sexuality?
Okay this question is getting annoying. I am pansexual,
though I'd prefer not to date males because - let's face
it - I've been pretty hurt.

~What are the details of your birthday?
TGH. Tampa, Florida. July 31, 1988. Sunday. 7:57. I don't
know if it was night or day. The placenta weighed almost as
much as me. I don't know how long I was, but I weighed 7
pounds and a couple of ounces; at the time, my placenta was
the biggest they had on record, ever. I was a steroid baby
because my lungs might not have developed in time, as I was
thought to be born early; I ended up coming out 10 days
late. And with the lung problem, asthma. I don't know my
blood type, but I believe it is the same as my mums: A
negative. I had brown and grey hair, and grey-brown-and-
blue eyes. I wasn't as pale as I am now; in fact, I was
kinda pink.

~Are you single?
Yes, but don't get ahead of yourselves here.

~Do you have friends with benefits?
Not now, but I did once. And I'd like to have them again.

~Why are you so mean/angry/a bitch all the time?
Because I am. I'm an angry child. Get over it.

~Who was your first kiss?
His name was Daniel, and no, it's not who you think it was.

~Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?
This is a stupid question, ne? Uhuh, yes.

I'm done. I'll finish this up tomorrow, if I feel like it.

~Love always,
Kyle's kitty: Kat

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