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2005-12-15 00:59:59 (UTC)

an update

1. moving to a new program that i will hate
2. on a mood stabilizer
3. got admitted to the hospital
4. got a little raise on my wages
5. think my boss completely hates me
6. demos doesnt and thats what counts
7. im still suicidal
8. im VERY suicidal
9. i want to see mashy, because she is such a great friend
and she really does want to help and i know it...i know she
10. i want to help out sabby because she is going through a
lot and she feels really bad...altho i like seeing her happy
11. i gotta shake this anxiety, which im starting to think
is because i havent been smoking regularly.
12. yea i told masha i smoked pot and she didnt take kindly
to it. i dont want her to hate me tho
13. natty and i are getting into lots of fights
14. i feel uninterested in phone talk as of recent
15. i still care about natty a lot
16. havent been to school in a couple weeks
17. im so fucked

yea thats about it

come up to meeT you
tell you im sorry
you doNt know how lovely you Are