My Ruined Reputation
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2005-12-14 00:04:46 (UTC)

Tales of a Confused Person

*sighs* My grandparents got here today...Joy...Fuck x.x I
feel so awkward around them like nothing I do is right.
It's frustrating. I don't really have much to write today,
I just felt like posting something. I need to talk to
someone. I really want to break up with Sean. I can't talk
to Jasmin about it because she like loves him to death.
OMG x.x This sucks. I think I'm gonna ask my mom what to
do. Because nothing is working. I've tried doing things to
make him break up with me, but nothing works. It's like
he's stuck to me with glue! And the worst part is...He
wants to fucking get married. Creepy, no? Si
senor...Creepy. I'm a sophmore in high school! I'm not
ready for that kind of relationship! I'm the kind of
person who just likes to mess around. I know that sounds
horrible, but I just don't want a relationship right now.
He's always worrying about me and shit and saying, "Be
careful," and it's like, ok I know, leave me alone now.
And he's so fucking possessive...And touchy. He can't keep
his hands off me. That's what really bugs me about him.
Like he'll grab on to the loop of my pants and it's really
annoying. FUCK! Maybe I'll talk to Jacob...He always knows
what to do. And I love him, so ya. He's my brother from
another mother xD Hee! Ok, really though...ya...I guess
I'll ask him. If I get nothing from Jacob, then I'm on my
own I guess.

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