When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2005-12-13 22:19:32 (UTC)

He exists

I have been having quite a few talks with God lately
About whether or not I will be getting any lovin' any time
He hasn't offered any response other than
That the man I am waiting for...
Does exists
And I suppose that I find some peace in that
But it doesn't change the fact
That sometimes, I think about settling for the fine man
That would simply use my body
And never care twice about my spirit
But then God sends one of them thug angels
To give me a slap
And not a gentle slap
A real slap
That reminds me that I cannot give birth to the word
That will deliver the people
Until I have been attached to the right man
And not just any man will do, I need a man that will
Listen intently to the voice of the LORD
And only respond when he hears it
Then and only then can the lovin' be acheived
And I guess
Naw, I know that I am willing to wait for that.