2005-12-13 09:15:39 (UTC)

Futurama quotes

-Fry: "she's so great. i feel like i can almost remember the
magical thing i did to make her love me...but i guess i
never will."

-Leela: "it's okay Fry, you know we'll always be friends, right?
-Fry: "yea, but i don't guess anything i could do will ever
make you feel the same way about me that i do bout you"

-worm inside Fry's body: "no creature would willingly make
an idiot out of itself"
-Fry: "obviously, you've never been in love!"

-Kif: "i would pluck the moon from the sky just to see you

-Amy: "it's a wonderful night"
-Kif: "it sure is. i could just lie beside you staring at
the sky all night"

-computerized God: "when you do things right, people won't
be sure you've done anything at all"

-Leela (on the overpopulation of penguins): "oh God, it's
inhuman. it's like Hong Kong!"

-computerized God: "right & wrong are just words. what
matters is what you do"

-Fry: "i must be a robot. why else would human women refuse
to date me?"