...Mon Couer Bat Pour Tu...
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2005-12-12 17:19:47 (UTC)

And as they say, it's in your DNA - you're gay!

I'm thinking of going back out today, to see what other
jobs might be available. Oh... the joys of job hunting...
in a town like this. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Vinni Vinni vicci! Does no one remember him? I dared to
called him (dun dun dunnn) Drool Boy.
. . .
Alright, so that was a waste. A pointless stroll down a
short lane of memory. Shut up, you, it cheered me up some.

I have $110 dollars to spend as freely as I like.
And I have no idea what I want. Urk.

Okay, okay. Yes. We all know I'm all KINDS of nerdy.
So I'll just leave for now, alright? Sheesh.

PS. Kyle? I'm going to rape YOUR muffin.

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