Nick's Journal
2005-12-12 00:56:50 (UTC)

# 1 on my list of Top 37 most intriguing people I've ever met

this coveted spot goes to none other than Kshitij Gupta
(prounounced Zee-dish Gup-ta). i met Kshitij during my year
in austria when i went to the international school.
approximately 33 of the 37 most intriguing people i've ever
met have come from this school.
but kshitij was a case in himself. you see he was indian
and had very peculiar customs, chiefly that of never
showering. in our 11th grade class we would do a lot of
partying and drinking when we were supposed to be in math
class. i dinsticly remember dodging biology for a beer with
david and harry in good ole downtown vienna. of course all
of this dodging class started to catch up with me and i was
on the verge of not getting an A in biology. i immediately
went to kshitij (my lab partner and future murderer in bio).
the two of us had aced every experiment we had done mostly
because he did the work and i was able to speak english.
well i borrowed his detailed notes and aced the mid-term
with no problem. in fact i was so happy about it that i
inadvertenly agreed to be his model un bunk buddy. i don't
know if you'ev ever done model un, but basically you are
some power that never really has any power in the real world
(like ghana, who we were) and you plead your case in front
of a mock tribunal.
the team was comprised of me, marcin (# 2 on my list of most
intriguing people and my best friend in austria), kshitij,
and mojcia. you see marcin was trying desperately to get
mojcia to even acknowledge his existence so he insisted that
the two of them be un bunk buddies. now in austria they
don't give a flying fuck if a guy and a chick share a hotel
room somewhere as long as the teachers themselves can get
drunk. so long story short: i shared a room with kshitij.
i did not see that man eat one piece of food over 4 days.
we left thursday early morning and got there around lunch.
he didn't eat anything the entire time! i couldn't believe
it!!! we practiced some on thursday and then made for bed
around 11 (after having drunk a bit, other than kshitij). i
got to our room where kshitij was lying stiff as a board on
the TOP of his hotel comforter completely un-touched, with
all of the lights off.
"hello nikolaus" (he ALWAYS called me nikolaus)
"sup kshitij"
"did you have fun nikolaus?" (that as another thing he
never left an implied noun out of a sentence he always
addressed you).
"yeah, had a couple of drinks."
"i am sleeping." (you see when you talk to people who don't
quite grasp the english language you realize they never take
verbs literally, as in, 'i am sleeping', can also mean i
have been sleeping)
"we should be ready for tomorrow."
"mind if i turn on the light?" i asked after i racked myself
on the fucking chair to the desk we never used.
"i do not mind nikolaus."
i turned it on and i saw kshitij completely rigidly lying there.
i quicly turned it off and went to sleep.
"night man."
"good night nikolaus."
the man never took a dumb nor pissed and i was wiht him
about 21 hours of a day (other than the three i drank with
marcin & mojcia). it was the creepiest craziest time ever
and iw as sure he would murder me in my sleep. but all went
well and ghana actually had a voice in the general counsel,
we placed 2nd next to fucking germany (big surprise) and
went home quite pleased.
i have never met a man who could not eat, shit, shower or
sleep in a bed for four days until i met kshitij. but i
have learned that he exempliefies mind over matter.
crazy fucking guy.
and people ask me if i loved my time in austria?