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2005-12-11 20:50:14 (UTC)

hey went to hull on monday. had..


went to hull on monday. had a really great time. 1st night
we went to waterfront, which was alright. 2nd night we went
bowling, which was FABULOUS. i came 2nd! mark came 1st,
becky 3rd, LG 4th & sara 5th, lol. we then went back to
laura's and watched the descent. it was cool seeing them all
jump. the final night we went to asylum, after arguments
with LG over money. it turned out alright. so yeah, a great
three days.

went out last night, when i was supposed to be at a family
gathering. i'm sorry, but if it wasn't for laura saying she
was gonna bring friends up, and damien being there, i woulda
gone. i just said i was ill. i ended up goin to the club
with ben, sare, kt e, james, kt b & ellery (not his real
name - can't pronounce his real name. he's katie b's
boyfriend. he's a right bitch, lol), so yeah, had a good
night last night, too.

well, lg's coming back on thursday untill next year. sara's
already back, but she's going to centre packs with ben n
ruth tomorrow. from friday, it'll be back to how it used to
be. friday i'm naming "The Reunion Sesh", so i want
everybody out. i mean, whereas on the sunday we wouldn't be
doing anything, since LG would be doing work or whatever,
we'll probably be going to hers just like we used to...she's
got no excuses. the next few weeks are gonna be so fabulous.
they go back on jan 9th 06. i think i'm gonna go back with
them on jan 9th, for a week, so i'll have to get some money.

gotta be quick. i'll update soon, and let you know how The
Reunion Sesh is going.


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