Darkness, Shadow....Hope
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2005-12-11 06:57:16 (UTC)

Camp Out

Hey. Yesterday I went and stayed at my mom's overnight cuz
i missed her. Me and jon went there and we made supper and
all hung out for a while and then my mom went to stay at
her friends house. We watched tv, and played games until
like 5 in the morning. Then jon got me mad, for what i
can't remember, so i went for a walk. Well he came looking
for me and locked the door and we had no key. so we went
around to the back door and there was a board nailed to the
bottom so we couldn't get in.

So we ripped the board right off the door opened it and
there was a shitload of insulation. (meanwhile jon just had
a t shirt on and it's like -15 outside) He took his t-shirt
off to handle the insulation cuz of the fiber glass, and
thenwe finally got in and he put th shirt back on. his
hands face and back and chest had tons of fiber glass in
them and his hands burned so bad that he couldn't touch
anything for like 3 hours.

I felt so bad that i left the house, but i didn't expect
him to follow me cuz he usually just waits until i cool
off. then today we went christmas shopping for his
grandparents and others. I bought hamster food and tampons,
lol. and he bought me a dvd player when i was grabbing
something to eat. He's so sweet sometimes, he also couln't
wait til christmas to give it to me obviously if im talking
about it.Also i finally got a new cellphone(old one got
stolen). Well i'm going to sleep now i'm tired


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