My Ruined Reputation
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2005-12-11 02:03:21 (UTC)

Drunken Fight Stories

OMG! I kicked Jon Smith's ass! I'm soo happy! haha like no
one can even describe how accomplished I feel. So me and
Jasmin were at KPFM right? And Jon and Lisa walk in all
drunk and they still had their bottle of Jack left, so I
told Roger to tell them to leave. I don't remember exactly
how we got into the fight, but Jon ended up yelling YOU
FUCKED JERI! to Jasmin and I got really mad at him and ran
outside after him and body slammed him. It was so great.
And then I started to punch him and he put me in a head
lock and I kept punching him and Jasmin came out and she
kicked him so he'd get off of me. As soon as he let go of
me I turned around and kneed him right in the balls. He
just kinda tensed up and made a little sqeaking sound. Omg
it was so great! *is happy*


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