2005-12-10 02:16:09 (UTC)

Another Month

Another month has gone by and with it, more changes. Hugh
has received a medical waiver for his heart condition which
will allow him to join the military. I had spoken to our
family doctor who has known Hugh since before he was born
about this waiver and he told me that he doubted it would be
granted. He told me to put it in God's hands, which I did.
I have mixed feelings about it--on one hand that he is
healthy enough for the military to take him is good news but
still there was a selfish part of me that wished it wouldn't
be granted and he couldn't join up. He goes up to Portland
next week for more testing.

John told me he talked to Hugh, who had told his Dad he was
surprised I wasn't more upset. John told him that well, I
was more upset than I was showing him. Again, my feelings
are mixed. A part of me is scared and a part proud. Well,
what can you do? Nothing, I guess, but support him as much
as I can and pray.
I still need to ask for one more reference for my graduate
school application but the person I want to ask is hard to
find. It's the last thing I need to do for my graduate
school application except for an interview sometime in March
or April
Jack asked for an apple pie for Christmas so I'm baking one
on Sunday and shipping it UPS the next day. He should get
it on Thursday. When I went into the UPS store to ask about
whether I could ship a pie to my son who lives in
Washington, D.C., the clerk told me "Sure! Here's what you
do! Bring in two pies. One is for me and we'll see that he
gets most of the second one.". I looked at him with a
straight face and he told me he was kidding, which I knew he
was. They'll package the pie and ship it for less than $10
which sounded all right to me. Jack also gave us a list of
used paperback book titles he'd like (to read on the Metro)
and asked for index cards with some of his favorite recipes.
I was flattered. I guess he misses Mom's cooking. He
won't be home for Christmas but hopes to be home sometime in
the spring.
I'm just about ready to wrap up the estate and distribute
the checks. It's probably going to get a little nasty as my
sister wants my share of heirlooms as well as her own.
She's a bit of a nutball but I'll be as sympathetic and
patient as I can be with her and still be firm. I could use
some good thoughts and prayers sent my way as we finish up
this process. I'll be glad when it's done. My share of the
inheritance will all go into investments, to use when we're
ready to retire.