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2005-12-10 00:01:54 (UTC)

i find myself drifting further..

i find myself drifting further away from everyone i once
knew and i dont know if its just me or if its them but
yeah. ppl think ive changed i dont see it i still seem the
same to myself but i guess thats the way it always goes
you dont notice it until its to late and by then your to
far away that you cant find your way back but what do you
do? i cant just be who they want me to be or who i was if
it is true that i have changed because the reality of it
is people change its hard and it sucks and most of the
time we dont want it to happen but it does so we deal with
it and we move on because adventually one day we will
change too. i dont know what to say anymore i cant say im
sorrie cause im not and i cant say they are right cause i
dont believe that either but i do believe that am myself
whoever that is and whatever that means
forever falling: Meagan. R

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