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2005-12-09 21:21:30 (UTC)

problems with the queen

why is that the second that a fuckin boy comes in to the
picture that every one including my mom has to have a
problem with it. i dont care wat you think as long as im happy.
my moms a strong cathloic so any "fooling around" with a guy
or god forbid havin sex is completly out of the question.
and since she caught me all the time "fooling around" with
my last bf she audomadicly thinks im doin shit already with
kurtis. which i havnt yet and idk even if we will. it seems
like since me and kurtis started liking eachother danielle
has been mad and now matts mad and now my fuckin mom. y cant
any one be happy for me. the second im on fuckin cloud 9 try
to put me down. its like some race with them, see which one
can put me down faster.

and also im not gonna learn n e thing by u tellin me i havta
experience things my self. weather its drinking sex or boys
or work or friendships LET ME DO IT!!! im old enough now. im
smart, stay out!
well so on a much much happier note me and kurtis are hoping all this drama wont fallow. but watever.
we were in a serious convo last nite and then he jus said
well does that mean were a couple now? and i said sure if
thats wat he wants!!!!! and then he kissed me!! he has such
the softest and most sweetest kisses as u can imagine! i
swear i fell in love with him rite there! hes so sweet last
nite it said that he cant ever wait to go on break at 2:15
to talk me! if i stay with him im so lucky. promise your
self this michelle that you will not FUCK THINGS UP!!! i