2005-12-09 20:36:31 (UTC)

Logan... the dance

hey me again. So this guy Logan, total sweetheart and
everything, but yeah ive been 'warned' about him. i was
told not to get to attatched and that he doesnt have the
best track record with girls but yeah whatever that was in
the past maybe this time it will be differant, i hope it
will be anyways. i reallie like him. His brother Josh is a
nice guy, he reallie likes Toni and Taunia reallie likes
him a little confusing i guess. i think him and Toni would
make a great couple but then again him and Taunia wouldnt
make a bad couple either and i think kenny might try for
her again i dont know a comment he made at school today
made me think it, he said if him and taunia get back
together its my fault somehow i dont reallie get how that
would be but yeah i guess thats what he thinks so yeah. i
went to the Bedford semi formal winter dance thing last
night it was pretty fun. Nikki and Ryan got back together
im so happy for them. mike was attempting to sweet talk me
all night i dont know he knows im with Logan but whatever
i had an actual talk with him last night and he
understands that we can only be just friends even if i was
single we could only be jsut friends. and u know what he
said to me last night he was like 'promise me something'
and i was like i dont know if i can do that , and you know
what he said... promise you wont change for anybody never
change cause i love who you are i was like aww thats so
sweet and yeah i dont know he was saying stuff like that
all night like he said he could be having the worst day in
the world and it wouldnt even matter cause when he sees me
he cant help but smile, cant help but be happy.
i dont know hes just being reallie stupid right now.like
he cant just say that and i dont know you know? Logan is a
sweetie, i called him the other day and he was like its
just good to hear your voice, i was like aww that so sweet
but yeah thats about it right now
forever falling: Meagan. R

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