angels heart

Through my eyes..
2005-12-09 19:21:59 (UTC)

its today

After a long week Im meeting him today. Yes Rex that guy
that i spoke about earlier in the week. I will admit that
Im a little nervous in meeting him. But in a reality way
we both are doing something a little wrong. but the thing
is neither one of them knows..and true thing might be is
that nothing might not happen. I might just meet him and
talk to him for hours upon hours. which I wouldnt mind I
could use some friendly conversation. but then again he
is a so good looking..i mean that was on a cam that might
change once seen in person. All I know is he is here in
town now..just down the street from my work. but I plan
to go home shower and change clothes to make myself look
and smell as nice as possible. I now doubt that ill stay
the night but I will stay a good while.
Now i will have to set up a diversion with tim. I plan to
tell him that I didnt feel well when i got home..and plan
to take a hot bath and some meds and take a nap since its
friday..that way if he trys to call me it wont be suprised
cause I put it off as the meds made me so sleepy. Even if
i get home at a late hour. I can call him up and tell him
in a groogy voice how i just sleep so deeply didnt hear
the phone ring. Not like he could come over to see me or
check. This is just one night anyway..and no telling if
ill see rex again after today. but i am curious about
what he wants to talk about..says its not im
wondering if his feelings for me have gone farther than im
expecting. Relaxing here today which im glad. Did speak
to Jason last night what a sweetie..helped me feel better
after rex dumped me so quickly. well ill end it here..and
try to write some more over the weekend.