Darkness, Shadow....Hope
2005-12-09 04:34:25 (UTC)

Same Old Shit

Well today was a regular day like every other. I went to
school, talked to Chloe, went to my classes, and then came
home. My routine is so stuck that I am bored of myself.
lol. I wish something exciting and out of the ordinary
would happen that's not in my routine. I watched part of a
movie with my dad and then I caught the bus down to see
Jon. We hung out for a while and then I got a ride home and
here I am writing this. I wish I had tons of stories and 10
paragraph's to write but I don't cause I do the same old
thing almost every day. I feel sorry for the people who
read this, they must be so bored of me. lol. Well i'm gonna
go chat with my dad, read some of my book, and then sleep
and start my routine all over tomorrow.