more human than human
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2005-12-08 10:08:30 (UTC)

Listen closely.....

Sorry, but I have to whisper
I don't want anyone else to hear
Because what I'm about to tell you might
disturb anyone but us

See, I want to be in your arms
and have you wrapped in mine
nails dragging deep down your back
blood dripping past my finger tips

My lips locked to your skin
teeth tearing hungrily at that perfect spot
between shoulder and neck, soft skin
that all to easily gives way

I want to hear you beg for me
As if you need to feel me inside and out
feel a wall against my back held there
by the passion of your lust

I need to here you groan
whimper with infinite longing, love
beg me, let me hear you say my name
then gasp a prayer

So I'm sorry to have whispered
I hope you heard every word, my love
and I'm sure you understand now the need
For some discretion.

Fuck me.