Darkness, Shadow....Hope
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2005-12-08 02:17:43 (UTC)

Holy Crap It's Been A Long Time

Wow I haven't written in this thing since like july and
it's december. I guess I was occuppied. Well I worked at
robin's for like 3 monthes and then got fired, i moved into
a new house with my dad, my grampa died, my mom moved away,
and i have still been happy with jon. We have been together
almost a year and it has been great, i love him so much
it's rediculous. He bought me a ring and a necklace and
they were so beautiful. I bought him some cool shit too
don't worry, oh an i would also love some cheap romantic
anniversary ideas. I am still going to school and
university deadlines are approaching and i still haven't
applied. I am really scared i guess, im not really sure.
Well this is all i have for now, but i am gonna try and
start writing in this again. I have been relying on paper
for all my thoughts. I will try to start online again cuz
it's so much easier on my hand. lol.

And i would also like to add yet another obituary to my

William Bill Miller
October 14, 1938 - August 21, 2005

He was a close grandfather of mine and i miss him very much


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