Too Much to Say
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2005-12-07 17:12:10 (UTC)


dear jen,
i can certainly see how you 'connected' to the learned
helplessness model of motivation, and indeed, it seems as
though your experience was very consistent with what martin
seligman and his associates observed. the transformation
that you experienced---from highly motivated to no
motivation---was 'dramatic', pun intended. as a fellow
thespian, i very much related to your frustration. i, too,
attended a very competitive theatre program, and while i
found myself cast in many productions, i only got my
preferred role once. of course, our program was much
smaller than yours, making your casting situations even
more competitive, i'm sure! what will you be teaching? i
found that i absolutely LOVED teaching theatre arts, and my
sense is that there is quite a demand for theatre arts
teachers. thank you so much for sharing your experience,
and thank you for extending permission to use this as an
example of learned helplessness--i just might take you up
on that! by the way, your story was so well written----in
addition to a theatrical gift, you might also have a way
with words!

best wishes,

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