My Ruined Reputation
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2005-12-07 03:28:30 (UTC)

I like my coffee black just like my metal

So ya, I feel like ranting and complaining again. It's not
like I have anything better to do. Bleh...I hate these
online journal things. All people put in them is "Oh...My
life fucking sucks...Feel bad for me...I'm so emo."
*dislikes LiveJournal* Ya...So I got one of these spiffy
things! Kool, huh? Ya...Ok...Not really, but I can try! I
want yay. Like it's not even funny. I'm fiending like a
motherfucker. *sighs* I don't know...A lot's been on my
mind lately. I miss a lot of people. Like Jasmin, I never
see her anymore. And Heather, even though I got to see her
on Saturday. I miss her a lot. I miss cuddling with her. I
miss Noble. He was such a good friend. He used to call me
all the time and now he never calls anymore. I guess he's
got his own stuff going on up wherever he moved to...I
remember when we went to the winter formal together. Heh.
That was fun. I remember I liked him a lot then. We held
hands and he asked if we were going out...and being
stupid, I said I didn't know. Fuck...I don't know.
Thinking makes me depressed. I don't know why. Even if
times were bad, I miss them. I guess it's because I know
how it all turned out, but I don't know how my current
situations will turn out.
I love how I can sit and stare at something totally random
and be completely entertained by it. I don't know where
that came from, but it's true. It's what I do most of the
time anyways. During class, lunch, passing, when I get
home, dinner, blah blah blah you get the idea. I do it a

Fukkit. I don't really care.