2005-12-06 21:30:32 (UTC)

okay so i have been hanging out with him for
like two weeks now and i am falling for him really hard
and fast. he is so sweet and hott! he liked dani first
which really fucked things up. cuz then she told him that
she didnt want a boyfriend so like two days later he told
sara he liked me. well thats not the way it really seemed
cuz this whole time him and matt have been living together
we have been really flirting. so of corse matt has the
biggest problem wit this. and hes being a big baby and has
to ruin everything. but if im not hurting him by liking
kurtis then sorry matt im not gonna put my feelings aside.
i could be missing out on somthing great or never having a
chance to know how things mite be. seriously do u want me
to me meserible or lonely??? i will if thats wat u fuckin
want me to do! GOD! then comes to find out that matt
cheated on sara. idk about him i really dont. i love u
matt and im here for u and all but u have to quit being my
enemy and start talkin to me again.the only place me and
kurtis are goin is in love so get over it!!!
the only reason why matt has a problem with it cuz he
doesnt want me to come see kurtis instead of him (their
roommates) but so i could be killing two birds with one
stone! rite! i mean its been almost 7 months since i have
told someone i love them or have these feelings. i believe
u need love and im gonna find it with kurtis and im gonna
prove you wrong!

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