Truth Is...
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2005-12-06 19:31:07 (UTC)


After the my grandma's death I thought about how I would
ever get passed this point in my life. I ended up meeting
this boy his name is Nelson. I met him when the lions
played against Marshall. We talked a couple of times on
the phone. Chris has called me several times it's easier
for me to talk to him now because I've realized that you
can't stay in the same mode. We got a "new" band director
and things have really changed. We just got done with
chair try-outs and in Mr. Moore's words "it's just work" I
had planned on taking my horn home over thanksgiving
break, but in the rush of getting ready for "THE BIG DAY"
I forgot to pick up my horn b4 we left henderson. I didn't
get to practice and as a result I didn't do as well as I
had planned to. But despite that this year has made me
realize something. A little hard work can go a long way.

I also think my personality has changed instead of running
around tryna find some boy to make Chris jelous and hang
on to hold hands with and whatever...

I have become independent. I'm not tryna say I don't wanna
a relationship but right now i'm just going with the flow
and when the time is right God will send me the right one.

don't get me wrong I will be dating from time but I won't
be tryna make plans on how to stretch the relationship
i'll just let it play. so far I think everything is going
well i'm not dating at the moment but who knows Nelson
might actually be the one. Although he does remind me of
Victor sometimes when we talk maybe it is a good thing we
don't talk every night other wise that would ruin a good

the end of the semester is coming quick, fast, and in a
hurry. next week begins semester exams if I get my
excemption sheet signed and turned in on time i'll be
excempt from all of my classes. We get out at 10:45a next
Wednesday and if all things in my head go as planned I
will be spending a couple of hours with Chris Wed. Thurs.
we get out at 9:45a.I don't have to go to school at all on
Friday and I'll
let you know what happens.

Next semester my schedule is going to make a huge change
i already know i'll be in J.V band so i'll be working
mornings instead of afternoons which has it's positive
side. oh yeah and i think I have a new plan as to getting
a job with this store but i can't tell you that unless I
get the job.

Remember "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"
Isaiah 54:17 & Keep God 1st