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2005-12-06 13:23:04 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary-The unknown chapter 12

My eyes are very painful now!!!Well...Who ask me cant
control myself ...Why I need to lie that is my cousin
evelyn make me fall down and cry?I dont know.. cause maybe
too many people...
I want to chat with U...I cant stop cry....once I cry too
long...I feel difficult to breath and always cough...
OMG...I can die after crying la...I dont want the history
happens again!!No...I will never let this pain hurt myself
once more...I have suffered enough from my primary
school ...!!That dark chocolate idiot!I wont let U try to
ask the whole class to ignore me..just as how U did in the
primary school!!...NEVER!!Before U do that...I will take a
chopper to peel U skin off and chop U into pieces... I
already tried to forgive how U hurt me....~But U seems to
pretend to be an idiot(though U are actually one.).. and
dont U dare to snatch away my dearest friend...and tell
her sth bad about me... Evelyn I...think that U should
be deserved to go into 2A... cause U are a cheap person~
If U dare to do sth to make me lonely or ask everyone to
leave me...I will sent U away from earth first!...
(I dont want to use chinese cause I wil really write sth
impolite)Hope that dark chocolate will fail in all her
test and get kicked out of this school and no one will
want to be friends with this bxxxx...