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2005-12-06 03:54:47 (UTC)

The Last Bullet

Don’t believe in it and its not there
But I cannot look away and I cannot ignore
This color in my hands
Your force shakes me
I cannot stand
Something suspends me
Floating in air
Something breaks me
And I don’t care

Wince from the sting of waking
Convince me that this is good
This power that s me
Your eyes search me
This feeling shames me
If I opened my mouth
To pull the lines from my throat
Would I hear the truth?
Or would I lose all hope?

You will never be alone
I am in your bones
Each degrading fear
Laid all in a row
All of our insecurities
Where do they go?
Caught by that same disease
Went out with the rest of it
Went out with the last bullet