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2005-12-06 03:48:03 (UTC)

this existence

Everything has to fit
Everything has to make sense
I don’t want to live like this
Time has robbed us
We’ll get it back
These walls
Your face
My voice
The system
This place
This was not our choice
Tonite I wanna be wrong
You’ll listen
I’ll spill
We will not give in to ideas that aren’t real
All this space
A new dimension
No confusion
This is where I belong
No secrets
No lies
Just tonight
You are not on trial
It’s just me
No denial
Fear has blown out
All is floating
We are the air
Light passes through us
Keep it there
Reality is broken
We exist only to be what we have chosen
Your arms
My heart
Suspended in eternity
I’m taking you with me
This house
Your fingers
My mouth
Thoughts and dreams collide
In this place
I’ll say the things I never meant to hide
You’re free
And I’m safe
No resistance
No more of this
You will not fail
I won’t let you
We will never go back
To our numbered cell
No identity
Everything is a blur
All that’s left is to feel
Fake it a little bit
Fake the emptiness
Fate has woke us
You are not to blame
There’s no one here but me
No persecution
No shame
Guilt has been shaken down
Your eyes
My tears
Taste what they bring
I will live these things
And you will sleep
No more despair
No more sorrow
Another rule to follow
Another way to be
They will never find me
They can’t believe
And I am taking you away
Tonight I will not back down
Break the system
Destroy it all myself
Cold stares
Cruel words
None of it will be left
No walls to confine us
No more anger
It shattered my confidence
Overcome with silence
Silently we let go
Of a world filled with holes
Where everything had to fit
Where nothing ever made sense