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2005-12-06 03:40:41 (UTC)


Cold catatonic
Hold me back
Make you want it
Words caught in your throat
Words that made you freeze
That was me
I was there
I had to come down
Had to keep the swelling down
Contagious conflicting
I could have been anything
If it wasn’t for you resisting
I would do anything

Cold, catatonic
I can be anything
Slipped so far
Now you want it
Slipped so deep
Now you are losing sleep
I was always there
But I had to come down
I had to tie you up, I had to tie you down
Convulsing, condescending
I keep returning to this ending
I could have been anyone
If it wasn’t for me always bending
Breaking myself to please you
I won’t do it anymore
I can be anything because I don’t need you